Information is power.

I spent years feeling disempowered in the face of food. Not only did I feel controlled by my cravings, but I struggled with low energy, poor mood, troubled sleep, and skin issues. Then I learned the metabolic science behind real food nutrition and blood sugar balance. Information is power, and when you learn how food affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally, it can be very motivating to make healthier choices. I share everything I know about what I have learned in The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance so that you may also experience the liberation of finding food freedom. This is not a plan or program from which you can fall off, but rather a new, positive way of looking at food and eating to create sustainable shifts.

What You Get:

  • The Ultimate Gratisfied Bundle shipped to your door (an $80+ value!)
  • 4 hour-long pre-recorded webinars with information and inspiration to help you create more blood sugar balance both on and off your plate.
  • BoBSB information guide (over 40 pages of material!)
  • Real food recipe packet including over 100 recipes with a 3-week sample meal plan
  • Weekly live coaching calls with Sara and fellow participants to ask questions and learn from others (when run live, otherwise, these are recorded calls).
  • Book and other resource suggestions
  • Supplemental videos on navigating menus and emotional eating
  • An increased sense of health and wellness!  

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Why this reset?

Our bodies are amazing machines. When fueled correctly, not only can we kick-start our natural ability to detoxify, but we can create a healthy and balanced inner-environment to leave you feeling more vibrant!

This is not a diet or traditional cleanse where you feel hungry and deprived. Learn a way of eating that is both enjoyable and sustainable. By using the power of real foods, and incorporating the principles of simple nutritional science, you will reap the benefits of blood sugar balance:

·     Increased energy throughout your day (avoid that afternoon slump)
·     Reduced cravings and feeling more in control of your food choices
·     More satiety between meals (never feel “hangry” again!)
·     Stabilized mood
·     A more positive relationship with food
·     Mental clarity and focus (I want you thinking about food less so you can turn your attention to what matters most)
·     Weight loss
·     Decreased inflammation, aches and pains
·     Improved digestion
·     Better sleep
·     Increased confidence

Finding Food Freedom

Incorporating the the blood sugar balancing techniques Sara suggested transformed my relationship with food. Previously, I lived in constant food anxiety having to plan meals/snacks every 3 hrs and worried how I would be prepared for healthy food choices. It added to my already high stress levels and caused a mentally draining cycle. It was a test of will power each day that left me exhausted and unhappy. Now life is sooo different. I eat in freedom and don’t think of food unless I’m sitting down to eat. It’s like a weight has been lifted off of me...I’m no longer mentally trapped by my negative food thought patterns. It’s so freeing to not feel possessed by food emotions and cravings. It is truly life altering!!! It been my get out of jail free card.

Best She's Felt In Years

One month into Sara's [blood sugar balancing program] and I feel the best I've felt in years-more energy and focus, improved mood, and I'm steadily losing weight I've frustratingly held onto for years. [It's] completely sustainable, [and] I don't see myself ever going back to my old habits.

No More 'Hanger!'

I feel like I’ve been the poster child for “hangry” most of my life. The irritable mood, occasional headache, shaky hands and even intense cravings when I had waited too long to eat.  balancing my blood sugar and finally feeling satiated has been a game changer. My intense cravings have gone away and so has that anxious feeling of counting down the hours (or minutes) until my next “meal.”  Food is fun again. And I have more energy and mental clarity now than I ever had eating six times a day. I’ve never felt better and the hangry has gone away.

Signs & Symptoms of Blood Sugar Mismanagement

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you might need to balance your blood sugar!

·      Uncontrollable sugar cravings

·     Mood irritability, lightheadedness when hungry, or experiencing "hanger"

·     Lack of satiation between meals

·     Needing something sweet after meals

·     Low energy, fatigue, the 4PM "slump." 

·     Nighttime snacking and sugar cravings

·     Overeating/stress eating/binge eating

·     Difficulty losing weight

·     Poor digestion

·     Waking up in the night to go to the bathroom

·     Extra belly fat

·     Sugar spikes and crashes

What I enjoyed most about The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance was learning all the science around how the body works and processes food. I loved receiving all the recipes as well to get off to a good start. Realizing that it is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise, and 10% mind…that was a HUGE aha moment for me! It has completely changed my mindset about how I think about both my nutrition and exercise. I never really considered how the mind has a role too and would like to begin incorporating mindfulness exercises into my daily routine...Since becoming more mindful of what I'm eating and using BoSB recipes, my mind is clearer, I have less cravings, and I feel satisfied after meals. The sugar cravings are almost gone!

This course is a lifestyle game-changer and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to have a more balanced relationship with sugar!

I not only want this information to change the way you view food and nutrition, I want it to change the wellness of your being.

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